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About Amit - SEO Expert in Saharanpur/Yamunanagar/Ambala

Amit Kumar - Basically, I am from Raipur, a village in Saharanpur District of Uttar Pradesh. I love my village and my District as well. I like the atmosphere of Saharanpur. Saharanpur is a very peaceful District of Uttar Pradesh. Mangos and Plywood is very famous of Saharanpur.

Khadiboli, a literal variant of Urdu and Hindi is the conversational language that is used by people mostly here.

About My Education:-

Amit has taken graduation degree from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, abbreviated as CCS University or Meerut University. Technically, I have completed a three years diploma course in Computer Software Engineering including programming languages as HTML, XML, ASP.Net 2.0, SQL Server 2005 from NIIT to grow up my career.

After College, I turned to Chandigarh from my home town. In Chandigarh, I have joined an organization named Conjoinix. Currently, I am working in the company as SEO Developer, SEO Analyst. Conjoinix is an IT company specializes to provide services in the field of Web Development, Internet Marketing, Web Designing and Android Development in City beautiful of India, Chandigarh.

Languages I Speak:-

Love only one language which is my mother tongue but than people can talk to me in Hindi, English and Punjabi also. Also speak Hinglish because It's a language which is mostly used in India.


I am a true Indian…! And I have proud to be an Indian.

Sexual Orientation:-

Well straight and flirtatious by so far.


Alone with roommates, party every week-ends. I have enjoyed my company.


Raipur, Sarsawa, Saharanpur.


A huge farm house, a Car, a loving Girlfriend. Every Person lives with glad.


Cricket, Ludo(Board Game), Gilli Danda and Racing


I prefer to read current affairs the most but still books on social reform, computer related books have been an inclination.

Religious Books:-

Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayana, Bible, Kuran Sharif


Calling me a music freak would actually be grammatically correct.


1920, LOC Cargill, Vivah, Three Idiots, Rowdy Rathore, Mission Impossible 4, The Gods must be Crazy.

City and Country:-

Sarsawa, Hindustan (India)

My Hobbies:-

I love to play and watch Cricket, Racing, net Surfing, Blogging, Social networking. In my school time, I got award in racing in 10th class. My Outside interest is to help poor persons according to my budget.

Anyone can connect with me Socially on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Google Plus.


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